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In Venice, every corner, every bridge, and every canal tells a story. It’s a city that offers an extraordinary fusion of art, history, and exquisite cuisine. It invites you to lose yourself in its labyrinthine streets, discover its hidden gems, and create your own Venetian tale. Ultimate Guide to the Best Things to Do in Venice


Hello travelers! Are you planning your next vacation? What if we told you that we have the perfect destination in mind for you? A place filled with romance, art, and a unique charm unlike any other place in the world: Venice. This guide will give you an insider’s perspective on the best things to do in Venice.

Venice: The City of Canals

Historical Background

Located in Italy’s northeastern region, Venice is a city that stands in a league of its own. Its origins, traced back to mainland dwellers fleeing invasions, speak volumes about human resilience and creativity. Over the centuries, this city has evolved into a mesmerizing spectacle of stunning beauty, boasting a unique cultural heritage that’s unmatched.

Geographical Overview

Venice, an exceptional city, consists of 118 tiny islands woven together by over 400 bridges. Its intertwined canals, leisurely moving gondolas, and unique Venetian architecture collaborate to form an alluring atmosphere that captivates every visitor. Each component, from waterways to buildings, contributes to the extraordinary charm of Venice, leaving all who visit utterly enchanted.

Top Things to Do in Venice

Visit St. Mark’s Square

Stepping foot in Piazza San Marco, more commonly known as St. Mark’s Square, is an absolute must when in Venice. Serving as a dynamic nucleus for the city’s social, religious, and political activities, the square is a treasure trove adorned with historical landmarks and buzzing cafes. It’s a microcosm of Venice’s rich heritage, making it one of the top things to do in this enchanting city.

Key Attractions in St. Mark’s Square

The square offers a multitude of awe-inspiring attractions. You can marvel at the magnificent architecture of St. Mark’s Basilica, immerse yourself in the wealth of historical artifacts at the Museo Correr, or climb the heights of the Campanile to be rewarded with panoramic views that capture the unique beauty of the cityscape. Each experience promises to be unforgettable, cementing St. Mark’s Square as a must-see on your Venetian adventure.

Explore the Grand Canal

Experience a Gondola Ride

Few experiences encapsulate the essence of Venice as poignantly as a gondola ride meandering along the Grand Canal. This iconic Venetian adventure grants you an intimate view of the elegant palazzos dotting the canal, all while you traverse the city’s aquatic arteries. It’s a perspective that truly lets you appreciate the distinctive charm of Venice in its full splendor.

Vaporetto: The Water Bus

Should you wish to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Grand Canal without straining your wallet, opting for a vaporetto ride could be your perfect solution. These aquatic public transports provide a budget-friendly alternative while still granting you an enchanting voyage along the sinuous canal. From this distinctive perspective, you’ll have the opportunity to soak in the captivating Venetian scenery, making your journey not just a mere ride, but a memorable experience set amidst a backdrop of unforgettable landscapes.

Marvel at the Doge’s Palace

You simply cannot miss a visit to the Doge’s Palace during your Venice trip. This spectacular edifice, a shining example of Gothic architecture, once housed the Doge of Venice, the highest authority in the former Venetian Republic. Its historical significance and architectural grandeur make it an unmissable attraction in the city of canals.

Stroll through Rialto Market

Craving a deep dive into the heart of Venetian lifestyle? Make your way to the lively Rialto Market. This bustling hub is a sensory delight, offering a snapshot into the everyday rhythm of Venice and an opportunity to taste the local delicacies. A visit here adds an authentic flavor to your Venetian escapade.

Visit the Island of Murano

No Venice itinerary is truly fulfilled without a visit to the mesmerizing island of Murano. World-famous for its long-standing glassmaking heritage, Murano provides a unique chance to see master glassblowers in action, crafting delicate and vibrant works of art right before your eyes. This unforgettable experience adds a different hue to the rich tapestry of your Venetian journey.

Venetian Cuisine: What to Eat

While Italian cuisine enjoys global acclaim, Venice’s gastronomic landscape stands out with its unique flair. The city’s distinctive food culture, heavily influenced by its lagoon setting, is an epicurean exploration that demands your taste buds’ undivided attention.

Traditional Dishes

Seafood Delicacies

Nestled in a lagoon, Venice offers an impressive array of seafood delicacies. You shouldn’t miss out on “Sarde in Saor,” a delightful combination of sweet and sour sardines that encapsulates traditional Venetian flavors. Another must-try is “Baccalà Mantecato”, a creamy and rich dish made from dried and salted cod, offering a taste of Venice’s deep-seated culinary traditions.

Sweet Treats

And when it comes to sweet endings, Venice doesn’t disappoint! Make sure to taste “Frittelle”, a traditional Venetian dessert that takes center stage especially during the Carnival season. These delightful sweet treats are bound to add a sugary note to your Venetian culinary adventure.


Venice is a city like no other. With its rich history, unique landscape, and vibrant culture, it’s a destination that captivates all who visit. From riding a gondola through the winding canals to exploring the historic Doge’s Palace, these experiences make up the best things to do in Venice. So, when are you booking your ticket?


  • Are there any free attractions in Venice?

Yes, many churches and galleries offer free entry, and simply wandering through the city’s canals and squares is a fantastic (and free!) experience.

  • What food is Venice known for?

Venice is famous for its seafood dishes, traditional Venetian cookies called ‘Bussolai Burane

  • Can I tour Venice in a day?

While it’s possible to see the main sights in a day, to truly experience the city’s charm, it’s recommended to spend at least a few days in Venice.

  • What’s the best way to get around Venice?

The best way to explore Venice is by foot and by using the vaporetto (water bus) system.

  • Is Venice expensive to visit?

Venice can be expensive, but there are plenty of budget-friendly options available too. It’s all about how you plan your trip.

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